How To Setup Channel Points On Twitch?

How To Setup Channel Points On Twitch?

From setting them up like a pro to exploring all the incredible possibilities they bring, get ready to unlock a whole new dimension of interaction and rewards for both you and your viewers. It’s time to take your streaming experience to the next level – let’s jump right in!

Introduction to Twitch Channel Points

As a Twitch streamer, you’re always looking for new ways to engage with your viewers and keep them coming back for more. Channel Points is a new feature that’s designed to do just that. Here’s a quick introduction to Twitch Channel Points and how you can set them up for your own channel.

Channel Points are a new way for broadcasters to reward their most loyal viewers. They can be used to redeem rewards, such as exclusive emotes or custom badges. To start using Channel Points, all you need to do is enable them in your channel settings.

Once you’ve enabled Channel Points, your viewers will start earning points automatically just by watching your channel. The more they watch, the more points they’ll earn. You can also give bonus points for certain activities, such as following your channel, subscribing to your channel, or donating to your channel.

Viewers can spend their points on different rewards that you offer. For example, you could offer an exclusive emote for 100 points, or a custom badge for 1000 points. The possibilities are endless! You can even create your own rewards system based on what you think would be most valuable to your viewers.

To get started setting up Channel Points for your own channel, head over to the Channel Settings page on Twitch and look for the “Channel Points” section. From there, you’ll be able to enable Channel Points and customize the rewards that your viewers can earn.

How to Set Up Twitch Channel Points?

In order to set up Twitch channel points, you will first need to log into your Twitch account and then navigate to your channel’s settings.

  • Once you are in your channel’s settings, you will need to scroll down to the “Channel Points” section and click on the “Enable Channel Points” option.
  • After you have enabled Channel Points, you will then be able to customize your channel point’s rewards by clicking on the “Edit Rewards” option.
  • When editing your rewards, you will be able to set different values for each reward and decide when the rewards should be available (i.e. always or only when live). Don’t forget to click on the “Save Changes” button in order to save your changes.

Benefits of Setting Up Twitch Channel Points

If you’re a streamer on Twitch, you’ve probably heard of Twitch Channel Points. They’re a new way for viewers to support their favorite streamers by Cheering with Bits, subscribing, or following them on social media. But what are the benefits of setting up Twitch Channel Points for your channel?

  • Viewer Engagement: Channel points give viewers another way to engage with your channel and show their support. By Cheering with Bits, subscribing, or following you on social media, they can earn points that they can use to redeem exclusive rewards that you offer. This helps keep viewers engaged with your content and coming back for more.
  • Support Your Stream: Channel points also help support your stream financially. When viewers redeem rewards, you earn a portion of the revenue from those transactions. This can help offset the costs of streaming and help you continue to produce quality content for your viewers.
  • Grow Your Channel: Channel points can help you grow your channel by giving viewers an incentive to invite their friends to watch your streams. When someone redeems a reward that gives them free advertising on your channel (such as a shout-out or an emoji), their friends will see it and be more likely to check out your content. This can help you attract new viewers and expand your reach.

Tips for Maximizing Your Channel Points Rewards

If you’re a Twitch streamer, you’re probably always looking for ways to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

One great way to do this is by setting up Channel Points and offering rewards that your viewers can redeem. But what are the best ways to maximize your Channel Points rewards?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure your rewards are compelling. Your viewers should be excited to redeem their points for your rewards. Whether it’s exclusive access to content, early access to new videos or something else entirely, make sure your rewards are worth the points they’ll cost.
  2. Keep your rewards fresh. Don’t offer the same rewards week after week – mix things up to keep your viewers engaged. You can also adjust the point costs of different rewards based on how popular they are.
  3. Be responsive to feedback. If your viewers don’t like a particular reward or think it’s too expensive, listen to their feedback and make changes accordingly. The whole point of offering Channel Points is to make your viewers happy, so make sure you’re always tweaking and improving your offerings.

There are a variety of popular rewards that broadcasters can offer their viewers through channel points. Some examples of popular rewards include:

  • New emotes: Emotes are a popular way to reward viewers for watching and supporting your channel. You can add new emotes as rewards for your channel points, which will give viewers a new way to show their support and engage with your community.
  • Exclusive chat rooms: You can create exclusive chat rooms for viewers who have reached certain channel point milestones. This is a great way to encourage viewer interaction and build a stronger sense of community around your channel.
  • Giveaways: Giveaways are always popular among viewers, and you can use channel points to host regular giveaways on your channel. This is a great way to increase viewer engagement and loyalty, and it can also help attract new viewers to your channel.

Tips for Streamers on How to Use Channel Points

If you’re a streamer on Twitch, you’re probably always looking for ways to engage with your audience and keep them coming back for more.

One great way to do this is by setting up channel points. Channel points are a loyalty system that lets viewers earn points for watching your stream, following your channel, and other activities. These points can then be redeemed for special rewards that you can offer, such as custom emotes, shout-outs, or exclusive content.

Here are some tips on how to use channel points to engage with your audience:

  1. Use channel points to reward loyalty: Make sure to offer rewards that will incentive viewers to keep coming back and watching your stream. This could be something like exclusive access to certain content, or early access to new videos or streams.
  2. Use channel points to encourage participation: You can use channel points as a way to encourage viewers to participate in your stream by asking questions, interacting in the chat, or even donating. This will help create a more interactive and engaging experience for everyone involved.
  3. Use channel points to show appreciation: Let your viewers know that you appreciate their support by offering rewards that show your appreciation. This could be something like a personal thank-you message, or a shout-out on social media.

By using these tips, you can make the most of Twitch’s channel points system and use it to engage with your audience in a variety of ways.


Setting up Channel Points on Twitch is an easy and straightforward process that can help you reward your viewers for their loyalty.

With the ability to customize rewards, create daily goals, and have a fun way to interact with viewers, using channel points on twitch can be an effective way of gaining more followers and growing your stream. We hope this article has been useful in helping you understand how to set up channel points for your own Twitch account and get started rewarding your viewers!

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